Living in Ireland

DonegalAs I have explained in previous posts, Ireland may be an appealing place to live. Although the weather is bad, or very bad, it is a charming country with an interesting mixture of modernity and tradition. In Dublin, for instance, there are most of the biggest companies’  EMEA headquarters and, at the same time, I think it is probably the only capital, if not the only city in the world, where people say ‘thank you’ to the bus driver when they jump off the bus. This is the kind of thing that make Ireland special for me: even in the city -which is quite different from the rest of Ireland, especially rural Ireland- and even young people have this politeness and proximity which makes Irish people have a well-deserved reputation of being friendly and hospitable.

Also, Ireland has incredibly beautiful places to see. Dublin is a city with a good quality of life if you have a job, but the best places in Ireland, at least for me, are in rural Ireland or in small cities like Galway or Cork. In West Cork, Kerry, Mayo, Clare, Galway or Donegal I have seen scenarios really breathtaking as I had never seen before. There are remote areas with very wild landscapes only accessible through narrow country roads. These places haven’t been spoiled by summer houses, motorways or industry. There mustn’t be many countries where you can be surrounded by dozens of cows or rocks and, at the same time, your are at less than one hour drive from an airport with flights to London, Paris, Warsaw, Rome, or Barcelona, to name a few.

But just as a reminder in order to keep Ireland as nice as it is, with no Marbellas, with no Salous, no Dubais or Qatars: the weather is still c***.

In this section I will write about living and working in Ireland, travelling in Ireland, eating, drinking and going out in Ireland, among other things. I hope you enjoy it!


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