That Was All (Summer), Folks!

Dublin Weather If anyone was feeling excited about this rather good Irish summer, we are back to reality. There is a Facebook page called ‘I love the summer in Ireland, it’s my favourite day of the year’. Well, this time it has been a bit longer, but for us Mediterraneans these 10 degrees are more of a winter season.

The weather in Ireland is not really that bad. It isn’t very cold: many places in Spain are much colder in the winter. However, the main problem here is the rain and that the summer is unpredictable. If you are planning a barbecue you won’t be sure that you can have it until the same day, and that same day a bright sun may turn into hailstones.

I met a Swedish girl that after 5 years in Dublin said she wanted to move somewhere else because she couldn’t stand the Irish weather. And that came from a Scandinavian gal… Indeed, in Malmö or Stockholm you know that in July you will be in the 25s and you will be able to go to the beach for a swim. Here you will be able to go to the beach… to run or to walk the dog (fully clothed).

So given these temperatures and autumn feeling (Irish autumn = Spanish winter), it’s time to grab your blankets, prepare hot whiskeys and get ready for the winter. It’s going to be a loooong one. Luckily, nowadays we have low cost flights to take us to a bit of the real summer left in more southern places. And I promise I’ll get my last rays of sun!

I leave you with this beautiful version of Autumn Leaves by Chet Baker & Ruth Young. Enjoy the rest of the sum… winter!!!